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Capital Region Vein and Laser Centre | The VeinGogh system for spider veins of the nose and face
The VeinGogh system for spider veins of the nose and face. Upstate Saratoga and Albany vein specialist for the removal of facial spider veins.
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VeinGogh Spider Veins of the Face

The VeinGogh system for spider veins of the nose and face

vein-gogh, spider veins on the face

The Capital Region Vein Centre is offering a remarkable treatment option for removal of small spider veins of the face known as VeinGogh. The VeinGogh system uses a technology known as “ohmic thermolysis”, a finely-focused microburst of high frequency energy applied directly to the spider with a hair-thin probe which barely touches the surface of the skin.


Spider veins, medically known as telangiectasia, are small unsightly tiny red thread-like veins that appear just below the surface of the skin.  When low levels of high frequency energy are precisely delivered; these spider veins collapse and are reabsorbed by the body and disappear forever.



The VeinGogh system has been shown to be effective, safe and permanent for the treatment of tiny spider veins of the nose, face and legs in all skin types and skin colors. The treatment can be done in less than a half-hour. Following treatment, there will be some mild redness that usually lasts no more than a few hours. Patients can resume their usual daily activities and exercise routines immediately following their treatment. Generally, only one possibly two treatments are necessary. The VeinGogh system can also be used to treat other skin conditions such as cherry angioma.