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Capital Region Vein and Laser Centre | The Savte Support Group
savte support is venous thromboembolism support group located in Schenectady
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Support Group

savte blood clot support group
savte support is venous thromboembolism support group located in Schenectady

The SĀVTĒ Support Group

Patients diagnosed with superficial venous thromboembolism (SVT) and deep vein thrombosis (DVT) often have questions regarding their physical well-being as well as their emotional health and are looking for someone who has shared their experience.   For these reasons we have formed a support group to help answer questions and assist patients and their families with the physical implications and emotional stress of a diagnosis of “phlebitis” or blood clots of their legs.


The *(Schenectady Against Venous ThromboEmbolism) Support Group will offer a reassuring environment in which patients can share common concerns, discuss medical treatment, and consider possible implications of their illness.


This group is for people of all ages and is geared to, but not limited to anyone who:

  • would like to join us to help raise awareness
  • has suffered from SVT or DVT and is looking for support and reassurance
  • has a blood disorder, such as Factor V Leiden, that might increase their risks of developing a DVT
  • is currently taking blood thinners
  • has family members or friends that have suffered from SVT or DVT
  • is concerned and wants to learn how to recognize symptoms of venous thromboembolism


Our goal is to raise awareness and educate patients on the risk factors and symptoms of venous thromboembolism and allow them to share their experiences and help one another cope with the challenges they face.


The SĀVTĒ Support Group will meet every 3rd Tuesday of the month from 6 pm to 7 pm at the Capital Region Vein Centre. For further information you can contact Lisa O’Brien at 518 377-1154.
*pronounced SAFETY