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Capital Region Vein and Laser Centre | Sclerotherapy of Other Veins
Vein doctor, Dr Fort of Niskayuna and Saratoga specializes in removing face veins, breast veins, chest veins, feet veins, rectular veins and cheekone veins
face veins, breast veins, chest veins, feet veins, rectular veins, cheekone veins, sclerotherapy, vein doctor
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Sclerotherapy of Other Veins

Sclerotherapy of Other Veins


Face: In the face blue reticular veins are found on the temples, along the cheekbone and under the eye. These reticular veins can be safely treated with sclerotherapy, giving you a younger looking appearance!


Breast/Chest: Reticular veins can also be found on the chest and sometimes extending into the breast. These veins also respond extremely well to sclerotherapy.


Feet: Foot veins are usually more visible and can be are quiet large in slender people. These foot veins like hand veins are not abnormal however but can be safely eliminated with sclerotherapy.