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Sclerotherapy of Hands

Sclerotherapy of Hand Veins

hand veins
Sclerotherapy – Before After Hand Veins

With age some women develop large bulging veins due to the loss of fatty tissue and skin elasticity. This makes their hands look very masculine or old. Others are born with prominent veins on their hands which become noticeable at a fairly young age. Unwanted hand veins are primarily a cosmetic problem.


In most cases, they’re not true varicose veins, but are large veins that are more visible because they lie so close to the skin. However, if their appearance bothers you, hand veins can be injected in a technique called hand vein sclerotherapy. Hand vein sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure that can be done in our office. The treatment is virtually painless with no significant associated risks.


When hand veins are treated with sclerotherapy, they tend to require a more concentrated sclerosing solution and but less sessions than comparable veins in the leg. We use the sclerosant solution called STS (sotradecol) that acts by injuring the lining of the vein (endothelium).


Hand vein sclerotherapy is done in two to three sessions. During the first session one hand is treated and then the patient returns one week later to complete treatment on the other hand.


All follow up office visits and any touch up injections needed for up to one year is included in the price quoted. Insurance companies consider hand vein sclerotherapy as strictly a cosmetic procedure and is not covered.


Hand vein sclerotherapy offers a safe, effective and virtually painless way to have younger, feminine looking hands. The results are dramatic and long lasting.