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Capital Region Vein and Laser Centre is Upstate NY's premier Closure Procedure specialist
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Leg image for Closure VNUS
Closure – Before After Varicose Veins on Leg

(Image of ClosureFast™ before and after procedure provided by Capital Region Vein and Laser Centre)

The ClosureFast™ Procedure is a new, non surgical option for the treatment of vein insufficiency and varicose veins. Unlike traditional surgery, ligation and stripping, it can be done in our office, using local anesthesia and you can return to all daily activities immediately.


The ClosureFast™ procedure uses a tiny catheter that is placed into the saphenous vein through a small needle puncture. The catheter uses radio frequency energy (sound waves) to heat the vein wall. This causes the vein to shrink and seal shut. Eventually the vein is reabsorbed by the body and it disappears. At the end of the procedure the catheter is removed and a small dressing is placed on the treated leg.


Since the vein is not removed or stripped, patients have no swelling, bruising or pain. Blood is automatically rerouted to other healthy veins. The patient’s symptoms and their varicose veins completely disappear. They can return to work the very next day.


The majority of patients who in the past would have had vein stripping will now be able to take advantage of this revolutionary therapy Only those patients whose varicose veins are the result of a leaky valve in the saphenous veins are candidates for ClosureFast™ other types of varicose veins or spider can be treated with sclerotherapy.


The Capital Region Vein Centre in association with Bellevue Woman’s Hospital in Schenectady were the first to successfully implement the ClosureFast™ Program in New York State, in March, 2000. All patients treated to date have had excellent outcomes and no complications. This procedure is covered by most insurance companies.